Strategic Alliances

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The Interlex Group®: Saul Ewing's International Connection

Saul Ewing is proud to be a founding member of The Interlex Group®, an international network of 47 leading law firms in more than 60 countries. When our clients need legal services in foreign jurisdictions, we can quickly draw upon our Interlex network to provide a referral to a firm we know and trust. Interlex firms share the philosophy that close personal relationships, even among far-flung lawyers, matter. For this reason, Interlex delegates meet in person each year to build meaningful connections.

Interlex employs strict criteria regarding firm capabilities as well as quality and promptness of client service in its vetting and selection of both current and new member firms. As a result, Chambers & Partners has awarded Interlex its highest global legal network ranking, "Band 1: Elite" every year since 2014. In addition, a high percentage of Interlex member firms are ranked in Chambers.

When cross-border issues arise for our clients, we help secure timely access to counsel in foreign jurisdictions. A few examples include:

  • Quickly connecting a client to a South American firm for advice on an emerging defamation matter
  • Introducing a client based in Europe and the Middle East to a British firm for advice regarding a U.S. investment under an agreement applying the law of England and Wales
  • Providing an introduction to a Vietnamese law firm to help a client engage a vendor and understand applicable data privacy regulations
  • Connecting a client to a Canadian firm for assistance purchasing the assets and intellectual property of a Canadian corporation
  • Making an introduction to an Australian firm on behalf of a client in the cannabis industry

In addition, we have partnered with Interlex firms throughout the world in these select representations:

  • A multi-state cannabis operator in the formation of a subsidiary in Uruguay.
  • A NASDAQ-listed pharmaceutical company in its acquisition of a private neurotherapeutics company, including addressing certain offshore issues with Australian counsel.
  • A global provider of industrial process heating solutions in successfully resolving a $10 million payment dispute with a manufacturer in Mexico without ever initiating litigation.

DISCLAIMER: Interlex firms are entirely independent of one another. Interlex is not a partnership or joint venture, and each member firm is, and will continue to be, solely responsible for its own work product and staff. Prospective clients should make their own judgments about the suitability of any law firm or lawyer for their particular legal needs.

State Street Advisors

Recognizing the immense influence that government has on the commercial well-being of our clients, two Saul Ewing partners founded State Street Advisors – formerly known as CHH Partners LLC – in 2003.

State Street Advisors is a Pennsylvania-based lobbying and consulting firm with offices in Harrisburg and Philadelphia. The firm specializes in advocating on behalf of the health care, insurance, transportation, economic development, and energy and environmental industries. As former members of the state House of Representatives, principals Richard Hayden and Lois Hagarty bring decades of insider knowledge and experience in Pennsylvania government to companies and individuals in a variety of industries. They are joined by veteran lobbyist Jeffrey Sharp, who has considerable experience with the health care, insurance and transportation industries.

State Street Advisors is an independent non-partisan entity not affiliated with Saul Ewing. It provides non-legal consulting, including government relations, lobbying services and business solutions to clients.

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Harris Jones & Malone, LLC

For businesses navigating the legislative process in Maryland, it is impossible to overstate the value of effective government relations. Recognizing this, Saul Ewing entered into a strategic alliance in December 2008 with the highly regarded Maryland lobbying firm of Harris Jones & Malone, LLC.

The alliance provides Saul Ewing's clients ready access to preeminent lobbying services from Lisa Harris Jones and Sean Malone, two individuals with strategic insight into the state and deep connections in government throughout central Maryland. Founded in 2000, Harris Jones & Malone has built excellent relationships with the Governor's Office, Maryland General Assembly, Baltimore City Mayor's Office and City Council, and regularly represents clients on a variety of matters before Baltimore County, Howard County, and Anne Arundel County legislators and agencies.

Lisa Harris Jones has a stellar reputation for effecting change through the legislative process. In her early years in practice, she worked with several high-profile law firms in the Baltimore area, developing a strong background in Baltimore City and state government process. Throughout her government relations career, she has built strong professional relationships and many lasting friendships with legislators, staff and agency representatives across the state.

Sean Malone was a longtime advisor to Maryland politician Martin O'Malley. He managed O'Malley's re-election campaign for Baltimore City Council and served on O'Malley's cabinet while the latter was Mayor of Baltimore. During O'Malley's tenure as Governor of Maryland, Malone served as Deputy Legislative Officer, advocating for the Governor's legislative agenda. He fostered important government connections throughout Maryland from his years as a political insider.

Saul Ewing clients receive regular updates from Harris Jones & Malone on legislation before the General Assembly, along with thoughtful analysis of how new and amended laws will impact the State of Maryland for years to come.

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