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Tailored Guidance for Independent and Charter Schools

While independent and charter K-12 schools experience many of the same challenges as public schools, they are unique. Charter schools must submit charter school applications and comply with state and federal charter school laws. Independent schools must prudently manage their endowments and investments, and must be alert to relevant state and federal laws. Charter and independent schools also find themselves subject to sometimes intense alumni, parental and media scrutiny.

Saul Ewing’s education attorneys have deep experience helping independent K-12 schools and charter schools navigate these sometimes choppy waters, providing advice and counsel on:  internal investigations; board governance; labor and employment; tax; policies; real estate; crisis management; disputes and litigation; student discipline; student housing; and academic, medical and disability accommodations.

Overviews of our work include:


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Campus Map: Covering Your School's Legal Issues



Cycle by Saul: Covering Your Campus's Legal Education


Cycle by Saul
An educational CLE series for education institutions

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