Clean Water

Water flowing through ducts

Water quality and allocation issues have far-reaching implications that affect everyone, from private homeowners to large-scale industrial manufacturers. Saul Ewing attorneys assist clients in compliance with existing laws and regulations. We protect clients’ interests in proposed water-related legislative and regulatory initiatives. Areas of counsel include:

  • Federal Clean Water Act
  • State Clean Water acts
  • Solid Waste Act laws related to groundwater and surface water
  • Takings
  • Wetlands development

As part of our clean water counsel, we regularly obtain equitable relief and/or compensation for clients whose property’s usability or value has decreased due to environmental regulations.

Clean Water Practice and Industries

Our clean water counsel includes representing clients in such industries as:

  • Lawn care/grounds maintenance
  • Municipal authorities
  • Oil, gas, coal and chemicals
  • Petroleum distribution
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Real estate developers
  • Waste management services
  • Welding products

Wetland issues are significant for our real property developer clients. We represent their interests before state and federal agencies that seek to preserve, maintain and increase wetlands areas.

In the area of site remediation, we have represented clients who have paid for remediation, but are being asked by state and federal governments to fund additional cleanup of natural resources damage that has affected water quality downstream. We defend and negotiate these claims with governments and other named parties.

Clean Water Practice Leadership

Our team includes several lawyers who have served in government regulatory agencies, including the chair and vice chair of the New Jersey Clean Water Council. 


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  • Represented a hydroelectric company with substantial water related assets in its interstate water regulatory issues.
  • Provided environmental guidance to a large national retail chain that sought to build a 60,000-square-foot supermarket on a seven-acre parcel in Mercer County, NJ. A factory formerly on the site was razed in the 1960s, but soil and groundwater contamination remained — primarily metals and hydrocarbons. We negotiated the regulatory maze, and applied for a redevelopment agreement, and for taxpayer relief from the state as reimbursement for the client’s cleanup efforts.