Congressional Investigations

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Congressional investigations present these significant risks for individuals and organizations: 

  • investigations often arise suddenly and under the harsh glare of media attention
  • investigators often make wide-ranging demands for documents and testimony
  • timelines can be rapid and hard to predict
  • traditional litigation strategies aren’t enough to effectively navigate the multi-dimensional challenges and risks

Above all, the stakes for individuals and organizations are extraordinarily high. Congressional investigations can lead to a range of outcomes, including reputational impact, policy recommendations, regulatory changes, new legislation, criminal referrals and public testimony. A congressional investigation can pose an existential threat to a company or organization, and even witnesses who are tangential to an investigation can be swept up in unanticipated consequences.

Saul Ewing’s congressional investigations team helps clients navigate congressional investigations with a multi-faceted approach. We guide our clients through the strategic decisions involved in document production and preparation for congressional testimony. We work collaboratively with our clients’ in-house public policy and public relations teams, as well as outside consultants, to streamline responses. 

Our attorneys have hands-on experience in congressional investigations since they have served as senior counsel to congressional committees, testified before Congress, prepared witnesses and organizations for congressional oversight inquiries, and defended individuals and organizations facing congressional investigations. We understand the unique challenges that our clients face in these matters, and are adept at helping them navigate the legal, political, reputational and public relations dimensions of responding to a congressional inquiry. 


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