Eminent Domain

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As a last resort, government entities and private companies with delegated eminent domain authority are required to take private property for major development projects that benefit consumers, communities and the public. The exercise of eminent domain is often complicated and fraught with scrutiny from neighbors and public interest groups. Challenges can delay project schedules, and cause costly delays and work arounds. 

Saul Ewing's Eminent Domain attorneys know the complex law of condemnation and are experienced in the process and in valuation issues. This includes demonstrating the public benefit of a taking of private land and ensuring due process and fair compensation for the property owner. We help our clients stay on track with their major development and improvement projects, advising and representing them in matters including acquiring and consolidating parcels and obtaining rights-of-way for large projects, such as convention centers and other public facilities, federally-regulated natural gas pipelines, utility line installation and municipal road expansion. We also assist with siting facilities for public utilities, as well as for schools and educational facilities. When the condemnation is contested, we provide representation for motions for preliminary injunctions, other preliminary motions, trials at the possession stage as well as valuation hearings and jury and non-jury trials. 

We represent developers in a wide array of industries, including:

  • energy
  • municipal authorities and other government entities
  • public utilities
  • health care
  • higher education


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