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Employers regularly face a multitude of workforce challenges that can range from a company executive being accused of sexual harassment to discussing American With Disabilities Act (ADA) or Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) concerns about an employee who needs to be replaced with the human resources department.

As management lawyers, we regularly advise employers on a wide variety of employment issues by supporting senior management, in-house counsel and human resources teams. Providing timely, practical and creative solutions, we help employers balance the law, management needs, internal policies, culture and fairness, all in an effort to reduce the risk of litigation, which is our ultimate goal.

Saul Ewing attorneys start with the basics—learning your business and your culture; understanding how a myriad of federal, state, and local laws interact; and being available when you need help. When the immediate crisis is over, our goal is to help clients develop a preemptive, strategic approach to employee relations challenges and compliance. We bring a national perspective important to employers with operations in multiple jurisdictions. Our team provides employment counseling that includes:

  • Reviewing and assessing policies and practices for potential problem areas
  • Developing and reviewing pay practices to comply with federal and state wage and hour laws
  • Developing drug testing and medical marijuana policies
  • Developing and leading practical in–house training—in easy to understand programs —for managers, supervisors, and employers on a wide range of issues, including harassment and discrimination; diversity; leave and disability issues; union organizing; and hiring, evaluation, discipline and discharge
  • Advising on the legal and practical aspects of security, risk management and privacy, including background checks, employee monitoring, theft investigations, protection of confidential information, medical inquiries and exams, and employee raiding
  • Conducting internal investigations on sexual harassment, whistle-blower and other employment issues and concerns, which give employers a documented, good faith basis to take action in sensitive cases, and may provide a defense in later litigation
  • Advising and representing employers on workplace safety issues and investigations
  • Assisting employers with reducing or restructuring their operations
  • Advising on downsizing, mass layoffs and reductions in force
  • Developing, updating and monitoring Affirmative Action Plans and programs


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