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Every real estate development project starts with a vision, but before construction can begin, land owners and developers must secure government approvals and satisfy neighbor and community concerns. This process is time-consuming and costly; therefore, it is critical to understand how government regulations at multiple levels apply to your project to best manage time and costs. You may also face public relations issues if you do not prepare yourself to respond to scrutiny from neighbors and public interest groups and address media interest proactively in the case of larger scale, high-profile developments. 

Attorneys in Saul Ewing's Land Use Practice understand these challenges from helping you complete land developments to navigating controversies arising from regulatory and community scrutiny. Our experience in large complex projects with high impact makes us well-suited to lead and/or support the effort. Our experience includes counseling on compliance issues involving the allowable density of development and its impact on the environment as well as zoning, transportation, water and sewer service, aesthetic considerations (such as signage and landscaping), and more. We not only help you seek approvals and permits involving these issues at the municipal, county and state levels, but we also handle appeals and, if necessary, work to change or challenge applicable ordinances. If you have multi-state operations, you will also benefit from the firm’s geographic reach, which allows our team to provide seamless service across the borders of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, the District of Columbia, Virginia, New York and Florida. Finally, we understand real estate development is a team effort, so we coordinate with planners, engineers, architects and other professionals to guide you toward solutions that both satisfy the law and fulfill your vision for your projects. This experience also makes us well-suited to handle projects and transactions that have a strong development/entitlements component.

We represent developers in a wide array of industries, including health care, higher education, energy and telecommunications, on challenging projects, including:

  • Hospitals and medical centers
  • School campuses and other educational facilities
  • Pipelines and energy infrastructure
  • Mobile phone towers and other telecommunications infrastructure
  • New communities – single family, multi-family and mixed use projects, whether in densely developed urban locations or in environmentally sensitive sites such as watersheds
  • Corporate campuses


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