Life Sciences Transactional Services

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In response to the ongoing challenges to their profits, pharmaceutical and other life sciences companies continue to outsource many specialized services.  From R&D to manufacturing – and everything in between – opportunities abound for companies that have the knowledge and expertise to effectively support the drug/biologic/device product development cycle.

Saul Ewing has worked with companies supporting the life sciences industry for almost 20 years, beginning with CROs, outsourced sales forces and providers of electronic data capture. Today, our clients provide a wide variety of services to pharma, biotech and device companies, including regulatory compliance, quality, strategic and organizational change consulting services; process improvement; technology selection and implementation; analytics; formulation; prototyping; resource and portfolio management; and clinical trials management services. We also represent companies providing clinical packaging, API supply, clinical and commercial manufacturing, and specialized technology solutions.

Having supported the procurement function at several large pharmaceutical companies, our attorneys have a deep understanding of the contractual and compliance issues faced by product and service providers to this industry. We know how life sciences companies operate and the issues that are important to them. In many cases, we have sat across the negotiating table from them.


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