Resources, Access & Mentoring Program (RAMP)

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At Saul Ewing, we believe in making connections for the benefit of our clients and friends. Our Resources, Access & Mentoring Program (RAMP) brings together entrepreneurs, investors,  mentors, institutions of higher education, and commercial partners to help start businesses and commercialize technologies in the innovation economies of the cities throughout our footprint. Designed for emerging companies, the program takes a holistic approach to addressing the legal and business needs of entrepreneurs and includes the following resources: 

  • Legal advice on entity formation, capitalization, business agreements, shareholder agreements, employment law, tax considerations, intellectual property and equity-based incentive compensation
  • Peer-learning workshops on the early stages of a successful startup
  • Networking opportunities and connections to capital sources 
  • Local office hours at universities and incubators 
  • A customized alternative fee arrangement

Through RAMP, we create opportunities for members of the innovation ecosystem to come together and make connections—whether they are entrepreneurs trying to build their networks, startups seeking financing, mature companies looking to acquire technology, universities wanting to commercialize or spin-out their latest innovations, or investors aiming to finance new ventures.

RAMP Partners

Saul Ewing is proud to work with and support many leading organizations in their respective fields, including media, incubators, educators, and other associations with the shared goal of supporting the entrepreneurial community.

  • Bunker Labs
  • Pittsburgh Technology Council
  • Philly Startup Leaders
  • PACT
  • Venture for America
  • Angel Venture Fair
  • Johns Hopkins Fast Forward
  • IMET
  • StartUp Maryland

Educational Programs 

Saul Ewing offers a series of monthly peer-to-peer discussions that provide insights into the early stages of a successful startup. These roundtable discussions are conducted remotely, as well as in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. The interactive programs, structured around topics of interest to young and growing companies, give entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn from each other and share successes as well as challenges. RAMP also offers regular opportunities throughout the year for participants to network through informal social gatherings.

Financial Packages

For RAMP clients, the firm offers a variety of discounted, deferred and fixed-fee arrangements designed to fit each participant’s individual needs. Participants may be referred into RAMP by existing clients or friends of the firm, and will be evaluated based on factors such as strength of business plan, experience of management team, and interest in working collaboratively.

What Differentiates Us

At Saul Ewing, we understand that launching a company involves much more than providing sound legal advice. Equally important considerations are the products or services to be offered, the market to be targeted, and the most likely potential investors or acquirers. We ask the question, “What do you need right now?” More often than not, it has nothing to do with typical legal work.


As a firm, we open up our rolodex in order to:

  • Create opportunities to connect with other emerging companies, funding sources and service providers
  • Make introductions to potential funders and/or strategic partners

We offer comprehensive analysis in order to provide comparable companies/deals/potential financing sources and other metrics.


Some comments on the quality and value of our program from RAMP clients, vendors, and business partners include:

  • “Saul Ewing is doing a great job at giving the startup community access to what they need and creating a nice community of peers.”
  • “We’re looking forward to working with such an aligned and trailblazing firm.”
  • “The RAMP program at Saul Ewing is amazing. So much more than meets the eye. The lawyers and employees at Saul Ewing all go above and beyond.”
  • “I am impressed with Saul Ewing’s firm-wide RAMP initiative to grow and protect the future.”
  • “The legal educational activities that the firm undertakes, such as the Legal Roundtable series, are important to me as an incubator manager, as well as to the client companies who need to be familiar with the legal issues that impact their companies.”

Want to Become a RAMP Client? 


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