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Traditional Labor Relations

Our Labor and Employment team includes attorneys with decades of experience in traditional labor law. We provide a variety of traditional labor relations services, including:

  • Advising on lawful union avoidance techniques and measures, including comprehensive supervisor training.
  • Representing employers during union election campaigns.
  • Negotiating initial and successor collective bargaining agreements and related agreements for both large and small bargaining units.
  • Representing employers in grievances, arbitrations and labor disputes.
  • Advising on strike preparations and responses when necessary, including counseling the use of temporary and permanent replacements and lawful lockouts.
  • Defending employers against unfair labor practice complaints before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), public employee relations boards and the courts.
  • Handling a wide variety of cases, from combined 301/DFR cases where the employer and union are jointly sued, to international secondary boycotts.
  • Working with joint labor management committees, apprenticeship training programs and jointly trusteed benefit plans in unionized industries.

Public and Private Sector

We have represented a wide variety of governmental agencies and entities that are not covered by the National Labor Relations Act, but under comparable state or local laws. We not only understand the differences in public sector bargaining and disputes, but also the range of other laws that can affect public sector employers, such as constitutional due process protections, First Amendment issues, and whistleblower laws.

A Sample of Our Traditional Labor Clients

  • Regional supermarkets
  • Global technology companies
  • State and private universities
  • Cities and municipalities
  • Quasi-governmental entities
  • Equipment rental companies
  • National associations
  • A national apprenticeship and training company
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Food wholesalers
  • Health care providers
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Property management companies
  • Condominium associations



The group includes attorneys who have received the following recognition:

Trade Groups & Associations


Harriet E. Cooperman