Emerging Company & Entrepreneur Services

Emerging Company and Entrepreneur Services

Supporting Ideas Through a Company’s Life Cycle

Transforming an idea into a business is a journey filled with excitement and challenges. Building a company requires an effective team who can make difficult decisions with imperfect information. From choosing partners to securing reliable funding, making the right decisions at the right times are key to moving along the road toward success.

Saul Ewing has a team of attorneys who counsel entrepreneurs and startup companies from the germination of an idea throughout a company’s life cycle. Offering advice and guidance on key legal issues through these stages, however, is just the starting point of the firm’s work. Startup team members offer programming on topics critical to success for a startup so entrepreneurs gain insight on how to navigate the complex landscape around company formation, equity, and financing transactions. Saul Ewing lawyers also open their networks to entrepreneurs, helping to make introductions to potential partners, including potential financial sources, customers and strategic partners such as universities and mature companies. By combining its legal services with these value-added services, Saul Ewing assists its startup clients in navigating the obstacles startups face.

Saul Ewing’s startup team has experience supporting entrepreneurs and emerging companies working in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Health care
  • Medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology development
  • Technology, including software, hardware and robotics
  • Media
  • Real estate
  • Food and beverage
  • Financial services
  • Environmental consulting

Resource, Access and Mentoring Program - RAMP

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The firm’s commitment to working with startups and entrepreneurs goes beyond legal counsel. The Saul Ewing team offers clients resources, access and mentoring through a program designed to address the specific needs of early stage and emerging companies. Explore more information about RAMP here.


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