Allison L. Burdette

Allison Burdette

Allison Burdette advises clients on matters involving investigations by state and federal government agencies, including litigation and regulatory enforcement. Her experience includes negotiating settlements and defending clients in cases involving the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), anti-money-laundering and tax laws, criminal fraud, and health care. Allison also conducts internal investigations both to inform the defense of clients facing government scrutiny – including following search warrants and the receipt of target letters –  as well  to help clients proactively assess their compliance with laws and regulations and mitigate their risks.

Allison also represents clients doing business with the federal and state governments, including litigating bid protests and contractor claims. Additionally, Allison assists clients by conducting internal investigations relating to potential government enforcement actions, such as the False Claims Act (FCA).


Allison also advises clients in the health care and energy industries, including investigations and advice connected to compliance with applicable federal and state regulations.

In addition, Allison assists client with litigation involving a wide variety of commercial disputes. She regularly advises clients on issues relating to intellectual property, antitrust, and wiretap laws, among others.

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