Candice L. Kline

Candice L. Kline
Primary Office

Bankruptcy, Corporate Restructuring and Related Litigation

  • Represented Clear Spring Life and Annuity Company as senior lender of a $17 million mortgage-backed loan in the agricultural sector, accomplishing a paid in full exit through a restructuring process and refinancing transaction.
  • Lead attorney in a high-profile Chapter 7 case involving an Irish national interest and over $12 million in debt and other claims. Negotiated complex settlements with the debtor and trustee. Also settled a related fraudulent transfer lawsuit on favorable terms following a six-day trial and two levels of appeals.
  • Key attorney in the Tribune Company's Chapter 11 case involving $13 billion in funded debt. Representation included overseeing cash management, investments and $300 million DIP financing throughout the case. Also: settled a related New York wage/hour class action lawsuit through mediation; anchored a joint venture/partnership section 365 strategy; and litigated a plan appeal, stay pending appeal, and appeal bond matters, resulting in a $1.5 billion bond decision. Candice was actively on brief in the Chapter 11 plan appeals in the district court and court of appeals.
  • Represented a State of Ohio agency in the FirstEnergy Solutions Chapter 11 case at the trial and appellate levels on rejection and plan confirmation issues concerning the public interest.
  • Managed a complex litigation risk assessment involving a choice of law, statutes of limitations, and fraudulent transfer claims in a $42 billion energy/utility Chapter 11 case.
  • Executed out-of-court UCC and non-UCC settlements and global litigation risk assessments involving derivatives and hedge fund counterparties.
  • Completed an out-of-court restructuring involving $292 million in debt and $27 million in new equity with a prepackaged plan backstop in less than two months.
  • Represented investors in fraud-related bankruptcy litigation, achieving a complex settlement to recover property valued around $1.8 million and denial of discharge in a Chapter 7 case.
  • Lead counsel to a senior lender and agent concerning agriculture-related investments.
  • Oversaw complex fraud litigation and mediated settlement and recovered control and properties for a real estate investor.
  • Negotiated a forbearance agreement and sale arrangement for a debtor-developer in a distressed commercial real estate situation.
  • Provided general counsel services to a private-equity backed manufacturing facility on contract, litigation and employment matters.
  • Lead appellate attorney representing the debtor in a Chapter 7 exception to discharge appeal and related state court litigation.