Joe Valenti

Joseph A. Valenti

Joe Valenti is a trial and appellate lawyer who represents entities and individuals under investigation or in litigation involving government authorities. Clients ranging from financial  services companies to government contractors and heavily regulated businesses in the health care, energy, construction, transportation and retail industries rely on Joe when they are subject to a search warrant, receive a subpoena from the government or face indictment or prosecution. These cases typically involve compliance with federal and state laws, such as the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), the False Claims Act (FCA), the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), sanctions laws, fraud statutes, anti-money-laundering regulations, consumer protection laws, child protection laws and anti-harassment laws, among many others. Joe defends clients facing criminal and civil charges in both federal and state courts.


His experience includes making proffers to the government that have led to declination letters as well as negotiating plea agreements and civil settlements to resolve bet-the-company or bet-your-freedom cases.

Business clients and government entities also turn to Joe to conduct, supervise and audit internal investigations. His experience in this area includes investigating allegations of sexual assault, harassment, corruption, financial irregularities, civil rights violations, cybercrime, identity theft and negligent conduct in industrial, charitable, health care, governmental and educational institutions. Joe also conducts investigations to help clients verify their compliance with government regulations and minimize risks that could lead to non-compliance. This work includes providing regulatory advice and drafting internal policies, procedures, controls, template documents and training materials.

Joe also handles matters involving free speech, copyrights, trademarks, advertising, cybersecurity, data privacy, and commercial litigation, particularly involving serious accidents, injury or death, or substantial monetary loss.

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