Joseph D. Lipchitz

Joseph D. Lipchitz

Joe Lipchitz represents businesses, officers, directors, and high-level executives in the technology, health care, financial services, and media industries in civil litigation nationwide, particularly in high-stakes disputes. Drawing on his more than 20 years of experience as a trial lawyer, Joe handles complex commercial cases, including those involving allegations of defamation, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and employment misconduct. He represents both companies and individuals in a wide array of shareholder disputes, including post-closing merger and acquisition disputes. Joe also represents law firms and partners in high-stakes legal malpractice cases, which also includes counseling law firms on how to minimize the risk of such malpractice claims.


Joe also represents and counsels numerous businesses, media entities, newspapers, journalists, and well-known personalities in matters relating to defamation claims and other First Amendment issues. He is the co-editor of the Massachusetts Superior Court Civil Practice Jury Instructions, published by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, and is also the author of the defamation pattern jury instructions for that work. Among his notable work in this area of the law are his victories  in two seminal defamation cases, Scholz v. Delp, 473 Mass 242 (2015) and Astra USA v. Bildman, 455 Mass. 116 (2009).

As a former military prosecutor in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's Corps, Joe approaches litigation in a disciplined and aggressive fashion. Equally importantly, he utilizes mediators, discovery masters, and arbitrators to efficiently resolve disputed issues or to streamline cases short of trial.  

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