Stephen B. Genzer

Stephen B. Genzer

Stephen Genzer is a seasoned utilities lawyer who advises utility companies on legal and regulatory challenges connected with their significantly regulated industries. The issues he handles most frequently are in the ratemaking, operational and  financial regulatory related areas. During a career spanning more than 40 years, Stephen has represented clients in hundreds of utility rate, regulatory compliance, and structural matters before the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities. When issues cannot be appropriately resolved at the agency, he acts as their counsel in the appellate courts. He also provides clients with perspective on the public interests that the regulators must balance in its decisions based on his former work as a managing attorney for the then New Jersey Department of the Public Advocate, Division of Rate Counsel. In that role, he managed matters involving water, sewer, landfill, solid waste, resource recovery and transportation.


Stephen's work for his clients is informed by his involvement in various proceedings connected to the restructuring of the New Jersey energy industry, including development of the original New Jersey Energy Master Plan. He also has been integrally involved in structural changes to the regulation of other industries, including matters involving the implementation of a Distribution System Improvement Charge (DSIC) for the water industry and various regulatory proceedings involving taxes affecting all New Jersey regulated utilities and other matters. These experiences also contribute to his understanding of how the business needs of his clients intersect with their legal and regulatory challenges. He has managerial responsibilities in his role as the managing partner of Saul Ewing's Newark office and as a former chair of the firm's practices in energy and public utilities. His knowledge of the regulatory environment is further demonstrated by his work teaching utility ratemaking as a member of the faculty for the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners' Utility Rate Schools, which he has done since 1980.

Stephen was selected by the New Jersey Utilities Association for its Distinguished Service Award.