Wendie C. Stabler

Wendie C. Stabler
Primary Office

Wendie Stabler handles complex real estate transactions and development projects for Fortune 500 companies and other entities across many industries, including health care, pharmaceuticals, financial services and higher education.  With more than 40 years of experience helping clients close real estate deals and complete land developments, Wendie understands how these two areas of the law intersect and provides counsel about how to navigate controversies that arise when projects come under regulatory or community scrutiny. She regularly appears before zoning and planning authorities and assists her clients in negotiating sophisticated deals that in many instances have had a major economic impact.

Wendie's ability to navigate the regulatory arena also extends to the energy, utility and telecommunications industries which seek her counsel for projects ranging from acquisitions and permitting of power plants to cell tower siting.

Wendie is also particularly proud of her work on behalf of non-profit foundations, conservation organizations and state agencies active in promoting sustainable practices and preserving open space. 

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